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Ever wondered why you don’t feel your best? Have you noticed there always seems to be a little something off (whether it’s the sniffles, aches or pain some place, stress, or fatigue)? Is pain-free health ?

  • How can you get rid of health problems left unsolved?
  • Is it possible to be rid of the effects of stress?
  • How can you attain increased energy?
  • Can you improve your physical performance and condition?

All of these questions, and more, are answered naturally through Chiropractic Care.

At Innate Chiropractic, Dr. Dennis Weinstein, DC provides better health and wellness for each of his patients. Dr. Weinstein cares about your wellness goals and overall health. Dr. Weinstein’s skills are further strengthened by his 27 years in the field serving people like you. We are driven to only offer friendly, skilled service in Lansing, Michigan.

Do you have back pain Lansing? Do you have neck pain Lansing? 

Children that have been injured, or adults who are suffering with sciatica…we all could use chiropractic treatment just as much as the other. Dr. Weinstein uses the latest techniques and is also perfecting his craft to give patients the best results possible. Our patients’ safety is our top concern, so we make sure our treatments are gentle! We don’t want to add further pain to an existing injury or condition. Find out for yourself when you come in as a patient at Innate Chiropractic. Our chiropractic team is there to make sure our patients feel relaxed, and understand the importance of excellent healthcare. Give us a call or fill out the form you’ll find on our site to avail yourselves of our new patient special.

Since we only use natural techniques here at Innate Chiropractic, our patients can rest assured they won’t need to worry about the side effects of surgery and medications. This makes them the happiest patients! And you can see that in our many patient testimonials. Just take a look!

Dr. Dennis Weinstein DC and his chiropractic staff look forward to having you into our chiropractic office to show you what we are all about. Answers to your chiropractic questions and more info on care for first any timers can be found by calling our friendly chiropractic staff. Don’t wait — Call us at (517) 694-8881.

Call us today at (517) 694-8881 to set up your FREE consultation and massage! Find out how Chiropractic Care can help you and your loved ones live a healthier, happier, more comfortable life.